Everything You Need to Know About Redmi Y3 Charger Details and Stock Availability

The Redmi Y3 is a popular smartphone from the Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi. It has been well-received in the Indian market due to its excellent camera performance and affordable price. As with any smartphone, it is vital to have a reliable charger for your Redmi Y3. Here are some details about the Redmi Y3 charger that you need to know:

Charging Speed

The Redmi Y3 comes with a 10W charger that supports fast charging. It can charge your phone from 0-100% in approximately 2 hours. The charging speed may vary depending on how much battery is remaining on your device.

Type of Charger

The Redmi Y3 charger is a Type-C charger. This means that it has a reversible connector that can be plugged in either way. Additionally, Type-C chargers are known for their faster charging speeds and higher power output compared to traditional USB chargers.


The Redmi Y3 charger is compatible with other devices that use a Type-C port. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. However, it is always recommended to use the original charger that came with your device to avoid any compatibility issues or damage to your device.

Stock Availability

Xiaomi has a vast network of offline and online stores across India where you can purchase the Redmi Y3 charger. You can also buy it online on various e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Mi.com. Additionally, Xiaomi has service centers across India where you can purchase official chargers if they are out of stock in retail stores.

Tips for Using Your Redmi Y3 Charger

  • Do not expose the charger to extreme temperatures as it may damage the device.
  • Avoid using your phone while charging as it may slow down the charging speed and generate more heat.
  • Always use a surge protector to protect your charger from voltage fluctuations.
  • If you notice any signs of damage or wear and tear on your charger, replace it immediately to prevent any harm to your device.


The Redmi Y3 charger is an essential accessory for your smartphone. It supports fast charging, is compatible with other Type-C devices, and is widely available in retail stores and online. To ensure the longevity of your charger and device, follow the tips mentioned above when using your Redmi Y3 charger.


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