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Student life offers you many opportunities through which you can develop, both in the trained educational environment and through non-formal means. In order to gain professional and life experience, we recommend several activities that you can carry out during your studies, in addition to the teaching process, if you choose UVT:


In UVT there are several student organizations in which you can get involved during your studies. You can find out who they are from here, and from their sites you will find out more about each.

Each organization has its own specifics and can help you develop both personally and professionally. You can learn to set up a student project with an impact in the community, meet new people, advocate for the rights of your colleagues in student representation, manage your time better and you can acquire many other skills that can help you understand better. well how an organization or a professional environment works, being an excellent simulator for adult life and for the jobs you are going to have.

 Depending on your professional interests, you can put into practice certain ideas that you have even within the student organizations and you can contribute to the change for the better of the communities around you. It is an environment conducive to the accumulation of information complementary to the study program you follow and which can support you to put into practice what you learn in the formal environment.

Participate in the activities of the Career Counseling and Guidance Center for free!

Career counselors regularly organize workshops to train you in new skills and to clarify certain dilemmas in your daily life, offering you support for the development of your career. In addition, you can visit them at any time for an individual career counseling session. More details about the CCOC-UVT activity on the website: www.ccoc.uvt.ro.

Go on an Erasmus + internship!

Erasmus + is a program that allows you to study or practice for a few months abroad, benefiting from a scholarship and having the certainty that the activities carried out there will be recognized and equated in the country. UVT has over 500 partnerships with higher education institutions in over 60 countries around the world and offers you a variety of opportunities to experience international student life in any of them.

The experience of an international mobility through the various scholarship programs that our university offers you will certainly contribute to your personal and professional development. Its advantages in an intensely globalized world cannot be disputed, whether it is about knowledge or skills specific to your field of training, or about knowing new languages, new cultures or new people who will become your friends.

More information about these programs can be found here: International partnerships - opportunities for students of the West University of Timisoara

Participate in cultural events!

 Timisoara is known as the only city in Europe that has 3 state theaters in 3 different languages ​​(German, Hungarian and Romanian). If you are a student, at the national theaters you benefit from a discount on theater tickets. In addition to these, you can also watch performances offered by independent or student theater troupes from Timișoara (Auăleu, Thespis, etc.) that carry out their activity in various locations in the city.

In 2021, our city will also hold the title of European Capital of Culture. Cultural events will certainly increase in the coming years and many other opportunities will take place with free access for the public.

If you are a fan of classical music, we recommend the “Banatul” Philharmonic or the Romanian Opera in Timișoara, and if your tastes are more diverse, we also recommend the numerous festivals that take place annually in the city, such as: JazzTM, Plai, Time to Rock, StudentFest, Univibes and more.

Timishort Film Festival, Central European Film Festival, CineCultura, Ceau Cinema or the French Film Festival can be just a few film festivals in Timisoara that you can take part in and enrich your film culture.

And UVT organizes or hosts a lot of cultural events every year - conferences, film screenings, concerts, theater performances, etc. All the news about the events organized by or in partnership with UVT can be found here.

Feel the vibration of the city!

Student life would be fun without a little fun from time to time. Of course, not in session or when you have classes from 8 in the morning. The core of the action is in the Student Complex, where most of the city's university dormitories are located. The student atmosphere is nowhere stronger than here. You can have your morning coffee at the nearby bars or lunch at student prices. In the evening, when you feel like going out, you can opt for the places in the complex or for those located on the banks of the Bega, 5-10 minutes walk from the student dormitories. Sometimes you can enjoy live music, admiring the flow of the river in the moonlight. Romantic, right?

If you prefer to dance, in the complex or on the streets of the city center, around the Union Square, you can find clubs for all musical tastes. There are many parties dedicated especially to students where you can benefit from various special offers. In short, you always have a place to go out for a drink or a dance. Fun is part of our lives, but we recommend that you always keep a healthy balance between study and "nightlife."

Visit architecture, museums and take a walk on Bega!

 Timișoara is known for its architecture. If you are a fan, we recommend the city center, with the three squares - Victoriei Square, Libertății Square, Unirii Square, but also Theresia Bastion, Nicolae Bălcescu Square or Sinaia Square (Alexandru Mocioni). We challenge you to discover the stories of the old buildings in the city. You can take a walk through the neighborhoods of Timisoara, which each have their own history. In the Initiation Week at UVT that precedes the beginning of the academic year, you will be able to participate in guided tours of Timișoara, to discover all the secrets of the city.

Walking on the banks of the Bega River can be a solution when you don't have a budget. It's free and you can always take your bike and go to Serbia on the specially designed bike path on the river bank, using even the loan system for bicycles or electric scooters provided by the city's public transport system, free of charge, based on subscription. Also, the public transport system in Timisoara has in its composition also boats, with the help of which you can see the whole city directly from the Bega canal.

Museums often have interesting exhibitions and, because you are a student, you will benefit from a discount on the entrance ticket. You can visit the Art Museum of Timisoara, the National Museum of Banat or the Museum of the Banat Village, but also more unique locations, such as the Museum of the Communist Consumer or the Memorial of the Revolution of December 1989. I've attached a list of them to make them easier to find.

Go to America one summer!

If you've ever wanted to go to America, studying can be your time. There are several organizations that can make the "American dream" a reality and support students to go and work in America during the summer. You can only participate in these programs if you are a student.

Read as much as possible!

Another advantage of student life is the large amount of information you have access to. Depending on your interests, you can go to the library and choose what you want to read. Specialized articles in your field or fiction, everything is at your disposal. You even have access to a lot of electronic resources and international databases. If you have a roommate who has a habit of listening to music too loudly, you can study quietly at the library whenever you need to. More details here: http://www.bcut.ro.

So, as you can see, in Timisoara you have a lot of opportunities for a full-time student, in which to combine the educational process with non-formal activities and fun, all contributing to your development. If you become a UVT student, you will see that the university also offers you numerous extracurricular activities, all to help you discover the best version of yourself. Become Your Best!


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