#Admission - the UVT admission process has begun - Become your Best, in the West!

- Future UVT students can already create their registration files, online, on the admission platform, by accessing the website admitareonline.uvt.ro

Applicants for university studies can officially start the admission process at the West University of Timișoara (UVT), via online platform specially designed to make it easier for candidates to register - admitareonline.uvt.ro

All information about the admission process and the opportunities that UVT offers are available on the UVT website dedicated to the admission process - admission.uvt.ro.

Until the first part of July 2022, candidates will be able to fill in information and upload documents on the registration platform. The registration process takes place online, and the documents will be presented by the candidates at the admission centers, for their certification according to the original, by scanning by UVT representatives. The steps that candidates have to go through in the registration process are available HERE.

UVT offer is composed of 73 undergraduate programs and 87 master's degree programsin 34 fields of study. Available seats to the university study programs within UVT for this year's admission process are available HERE. For the academic year 2022-2022, UVT is competing over 6000 places in undergraduate programs, including 2350 financed from the state budgetor almost 5000 places in master's degree programs, 1450 of these being financed from the state budget.

In all undergraduate programs within the UVT the admission process involves taking an admission test, in physical format, at the UVT headquarters or at the UVT faculties headquarters, either for testing knowledge / skills related to the chosen field of study and cognitive abilities, or type one test of assessment of language skills and reasoning. More details about the admission process for each undergraduate program can be found at their related pages from the admission platform.

West University of Timișoara (UVT) knows how important it is for young people with outstanding results, who excel in various fields and who want to bring about a change in the society in which they live, to be supported and encouraged in their academic career. Therefore, in addition to the facilities it provides, for academic performance, to its students (which include, for example, scholarships for excellence, performance and merit), UVT also prepared a benefits package for future students which, during high school, they obtained outstanding results at various national and international competitions and Olympics, who obtain an average of 10 at the baccalaureate exam or who are heads of promotion in the best high schools in each county, more details being available HERE.

All candidates they will have to to present all the necessary documents for the admission process, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the organization and conduct of the admission process developed by the UVT faculties, in original or in certified copy, at least one day before the date of publication of the lists of admitted candidates, according to the calendar established by the regulations of the UVT faculties regarding the organization and conduct of the admission process, the points of taking over the admission documents from the UVT headquarters or from the county admission centers organized by UVT, for scanning and certification according to the original by UVT operators. Candidates who do not comply with this provision they will not be included in the ranking of the admission process.

Admission centers - at the UVT headquarters in Timișoara and in 9 counties in the country

In order to support the candidates, the West University of Timișoara will organize in 2022 more admission centers, both at the UVT headquarters in Timișoara, and in several counties in the main selection pool of UVT students: Arad, Alba, Bihor, Caraș-Severin, Hunedoara, Gorj, Mehedinți, Satu Mare and Vâlcea. This will be:

1. „Horea, Cloșca and Crișan” National College Alba-Iulia - 1 Decembrie 1918 boulevard no. 11;

2. „Vasile Goldiș” National College Arad - Calea Victoriei no. 1-3;

3. „Mihai Eminescu” National College Oradea - Episcop Roman Ciorogariu street no. 18;

4. „Traian Lalescu” National College Reșița - Alexandru Ioan Cuza boulevard no. 7;

5. „Decebal” National College Deva - 1 Decembrie 1918 street no. 22;

6. „Theodor Costescu” National Economic College Drobeta-Turnu Severin - Orly street no. 37;

7. „Ecaterina Teodoroiu” National College Târgu Jiu - 1 Decembrie 1918 street no. 25;

8. „Mihai Eminescu” National College Satu Mare - Mihai Eminescu street no. 5;

9. „Alexandru Lahovari” National College Râmnicu Vâlcea - General Praporgescu street no. 19.

The county admission centers will be open in the following periods:

- July 7 - 9, 2022;

- July 11 - 13, 2022 (by exception, at the admission centers in Arad, Oradea and Reșița, the period will be 11-12 July 2022);

- July 20 - 22, 2022;

- July 26 - 27, 2022.

The time interval in which candidates can present themselves at the county admission centers is 9 a.m. to 00 p.m., Monday through Fridayor 9: 00-14: 00, Saturday.

The points of registration and retrieval of documents from the headquarters of the West University of Timișoara (bd. Vasile Pârvan nr. 4, Timișoara, postal code 300223, jud. Timiș, Romania) will be opened during 4-29 July 2022, the detailed program being available HERE.

Are you ready to enroll in a university degree program, but don't know which one suits you? GO YTM platform!

UVT also provides permanent individual career counseling services to students across the country, free of charge.. YTM platform is a psycho-vocational testing platform developed by West University of Timişoara, addressed to students from all over the country, through which they can analyze interests, abilities and skills, by completing specific tests, in order to focus on a particular educational and professional route. Thus, following the testing, the YTM platform generates personalized reports through which it provides the beneficiaries with information regarding the study programs of the universities in Timișoara that best suit their profile.

Students who, after completing the tests, need clarification about the results offered by the platform and the appropriate educational path for them, have the opportunity to schedule a individual counseling session (what can be done online, lasting about 50 minutes) with counselors within Career Counseling and Guidance Center from UVT, completing THIS FORM. During the counseling session, students will receive additional information about potential career paths and support in choosing an appropriate university curriculum.

If you also want to be, starting next year, a student at the largest comprehensive higher education institution in the western region of Romania, create your file now on online admission platform!


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