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I need counseling to choose my university studies

YTM Vocational Testing Platform & UVT Career Counseling and Guidance Center (CCOC)

By looking through the offers of universities and listening to the sometimes contradictory and vague recommendations received from those around you, you may feel overwhelmed by the pressure to make a decision about your future. The questions that students face during this period are usually: 

"How do I know which study program to choose?"

"What is the right decision?"

"What should I consider when choosing my route?"

Did you find yourself in these dilemmas? Team of Career Counseling and Guidance Center of the West University of Timișoara (CCOC-UVT) is present in the lives of UVT students permanently, through various activities and materials that aim to help them feel more confident in the career decisions they make. Because choosing a college degree is an extremely important career decision, we are here for you, too, to make sure you get the guidance you need right now. 

Thus, we briefly answer the above questions: 

    • When choosing a university degree program, it is helpful to consider the following aspects: your interests, your personality, your values, the skills and competencies you have accumulated so far. 
    • There is no absolutely right or completely wrong decision. How happy and satisfied you will be with the decision made largely depends on the match between everything that composes you as a person and what will require the career path you choose.
    • Thus, the first thing you can do is try to get to know yourself better and, like a good detective, put a magnifying glass and investigate your traits and interests.

In this interesting journey to your interests and traits can support you as well YTM platform, specially created for you by the West University of Timisoara (UVT)- to be your guide in the decision you are about to make. Through this platform, you can assess your personality, skills and professional interests through a vocational guidance test. The report and recommendations resulting from passing this test can be very useful in the decision-making process regarding the university studies you will follow in the future. You can access the tests on the platform for free, HERE. 

If, after completing the tests of the question and you want clarifications regarding the results offered by the platform, the counselors from CCOC-UVT are waiting for you for a discussion. on this topic. In this regard, you can schedule an individual career counseling session by completing TO THIS FORM. We will make sure that a counselor will take you under his or her wings and help you discover yourself in depth and discover strategies through which you can find out about career paths, so that in the end you can choose a university study program that it will fit in best with you and your goals for the future.