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Why UVT is different?

The West University of Timișoara (UVT) is neither the largest nor the oldest higher education institution in Romania, but it is certainly the most dynamic!

Innovative ideas have found their place at UVT and we are always concerned to offer our students unique experiences that contribute to their development. That is why the motto of the university in recent years has become #BecomeYourBest, because we want to help every student to discover his best version and we constantly offer new opportunities in this regard. And the way we do this we strive to be directly correlated with the interests of today's young people, taking advantage of digitalization and the technology that surrounds us.

Thus, we stand out in the academic landscape in Romania with a series of awards or activities that make us different from other institutions and that make student life at UVT a unique one, full of diverse learning experiences that ensure a harmonious development of each member of the sea. UVT families.

We present to you, below, some of the unique elements that make UVT an institution otherwise, close to its students, always open to new and innovation, always interested in being directly connected to the profile of the new generations and concerned with their opinions and suggestions to make the student a defining period for their career and subsequent life.

  • At the West University of Timișoara the student starts with a "Initiation week", in which each freshman will discover the secrets of student life and will better understand the new world he enters.
  • Each academic year begins at UVT not only with a festive opening ceremony, but also with a big celebration, right in the university premises - UNIVIBES, un cultural-artistic event that transforms the university into a space for concerts, exhibitions and film screenings.
  • Career Counseling and Guidance Center (CCOC) al UVT, with the support of UVT faculties, organizes every academic year Peer to Peer Tutoring (P2PT), through which it aims to provide first-year undergraduate students with educational assistance and career development services, with a focus on their integration into the university environment, with the support of colleagues from older years.
  • Because we want UVT students to design their career path from the very beginning, in the first year, the first semester of undergraduate studies, all our students go through a activity of Career counseling and career guidance, supported by the representatives Career Counseling and Guidance Center (CCOC) from UVT, after which each student will draw his own career development plan. In addition, because we want students to choose responsibly and informed their educational path, we have developed a vocational guidance platform where they can test for free - YTM, and then I can get in touch with our colleagues for additional individual counseling sessions.
  • Since at UVT ethics and academic integrity represent fundamental values, we want to transmit to students, from the first semester of studies, healthy principles on the basis of which to carry out their entire academic activity and more. Thus, all students in the first year of undergraduate studies go through, in the first semester, the complementary discipline Ethics, integrity and academic writing. Later, all the first year students of the master's university studies go through the complementary discipline in the first semester. Research ethics.
  • At the UVT level it works InfoStudent Center, the only structure responsible for communicating with students for issues related to administrative processes related to the educational process. All student requests are taken through a online form, being subsequently solved by the officials within the InfoCenter.
  • As we live in an increasingly cosmopolitan world with an extremely dynamic labor market, we want our students to be constantly prepared for the career changes they will inherently likely experience throughout their lives. . Thus, we want to endow everyone with as many transversal skills as possible, so each UVT undergraduate student will study an international language for at least four semesters, as well as three complementary subjects in a different field from his or her field of study. In addition, we offer our students the chance to participate in international study or internship mobility internships, with over 500 active partnerships in this regard.
  • UVT is a member of European University Alliance UNITA (supported by the European Commission through the program for the creation of consortia of European universities), together with 11 universities from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ukraine and Romania. Membership of UNITA represents a context in which UVT students will have access to unique professional and personal development opportunities at the national and European level (virtual international mobilities, international practice programs in rural areas, training courses, projects and competitions for students in the fields current affairs: Cultural heritage, Renewable energies, Circular economy, Intercomprehension as a form of communication, European citizenship).
  • UVT is a comprehensive university, consisting of 11 faculties, offering 81 bachelor's degree programs and 102 master's degree programs in 35 different fields of study, as well as doctoral studies in 26 fields.
  • Starting in 2020, West University of Timișoara (UVT) organizes university study programs didactic master, in 5 fields of study: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics and Physical Education and Sports.
  • We are aware that the old Latin saying "Healthy mens in healthy body" it is still very valid today, so we also care about the health of our students: every UVT student must complete, for four semesters, during the undergraduate studies, discipline Physical Education, having the opportunity to choose from a very wide range of individual or team sports and benefit from the UVT sports base. Also, UVT is the only university in Romania that organizes its own marathon - UVT Liberty Marathon-, where we offer our students special benefits for participation.
  • We want UVT students to be civically involved and we encourage them to do so, so we offer them the opportunity to accumulate special credits for their involvement in volunteering and ale student organizations, as a formal recognition of the effort made by them in such activities, which will be registered upon graduation at Diploma supplement received by each graduate along with the actual diploma.
  • We want to reward meritocracy, so we offer students with outstanding results at national and international competitions and Olympics, promotion heads from UVT partner high schools and those who obtain an average of ten at the baccalaureate exam special benefit packages if they become UVT students, and during their studies we offer a diverse package of scholarships for rewarding academic performance and, annually, we award "Student of the Year" in UVT Awards Gala.
  • We care about ensuring equal opportunities for study for all our students, so we offer social scholarships students from disadvantaged backgrounds, accommodation in UVT dormitories, 50% discount on local public transport and rail transport, special places in the admission process for candidates Romanians from everywhere, Roma ethnicity, come from placement centerwith disabilities/special educational needs or high school graduates from rural areas, But and forms of support for students with disabilities.
  • UVT students benefit, over the years of study, from a lot of opportunities for personal and professional development, including workshops and webinars organized by the team. Career Counseling and Guidance Center from UVT. Also the whole team CCOC-UVT permanently offers UVT students, upon request, sessions of individual counseling: educational and vocational counseling, career counseling or counseling for personal optimization.
  • University studies at UVT are completed by a graduation ceremony unique, which marks this festive moment throughout the community and the effort made by each graduate is recognized.
  • Living in the age of technology, we offer our students a wide range of IT facilities, including an institutional e-mail account (@ with access to facilities GMail / Google Suite for E-mail, Google Drive & Google Suite for Education, the entire application package Microsoft Office 365, licensed, free of charge for all UVT students, access to e-learning platforms or the global internet network EduRoam.
  • UVT students have the opportunity to constantly participate in conference or WORKSHOPS supported by prominent national and international personalities from the worlds of science, culture, art, sports or entrepreneurship, and to learn about all the news dedicated to them through the materials prepared by the university's own television studio - UVT Media Hub.
  • Student representation is a strong point of UVT, within our university developing and carrying out its activity the strongest student organization in the country - BONE - Students' Organization from the West University of Timișoara.
  • Ensuring the quality of the educational process is a permanent priority of UVT, offering students the opportunity to be directly involved in this process., to evaluate the teaching activities in which they participate and to provide feedback on the experiences they go through. Also, UVT is the only university in Romania that has developed an own educational vision, which is implemented at all levels of studies - UVT Teaching & Learning Brand.

So, if the above arguments convinced you that here you can go through the learning experiences you need for your development and that you can have an unforgettable student, we are waiting for you in the great UVT family! 🙂