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June. 27
#Webinar CCOC-UVT - Choosing the right study program

Dear students, the Career Counseling and Guidance Center (CCOC) of the University of...

aug. 23
#StudyGroup - How to work more effectively as a team

Tips & tricks to work better as a team

aug. 23
# Confidence - in oneself and in others for a quieter life

Self-confidence and trust in others - how do we manage them?

aug. 23
# Relationships - 5 steps to quality relationships

Be yourself and form quality relationships!

June. 30
#CareerHacks - Truth and myth about career choice

3 essential steps in choosing a career

June. 30
#SkillHacks - Key skills for your successful career

The most sought after and exploited 5 skills on the labor market

June. 15
#LifeHacks for prospective students

6 recommendations that will ease your transition in student life

June. 15
#SocialHacks for future students

How to make friends in college?