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Assigned seats for rural high school graduates

La West University of Timișoara (UVT), high school graduates located in rural areas have the opportunity to apply separately for university degree programs license, under the same conditions as Romanian citizens, in places financed from the state budget allocated by the Ministry of Education (MEdu) especially for this category of candidates.

Graduates of high schools located in rural areas can apply both on seats financed from the state budget distributed especially for this category of candidates, and on seats financed from the state budget addressed to all Romanian or European Union citizens, or on places with fees.

Through the online registration form, each graduate candidate of a rural high school will be able to choose to apply for a special place allocated to this category, by ticking this in the section with Graduated high school.

The advantage of obtaining a seat financed from the special state budget for high school graduate candidates in rural areas is that a student admitted to such a seat enjoys the status of tuition free of charge for the entire normal duration of university studies corresponding to the study program in which he is enrolled (three or four years, depending on the duration of the chosen undergraduate university program), without entering the process of reclassification to places financed from the state budget / fee, provided that the annual conditions for promotion of the established academic year are met by UVT regulations.

Candidates graduating from rural high schools will tick in the registration form if they want to apply for special places for them, but will select other options and types of places for the situation in which they will not be admitted to special places dedicated to them.

Candidates graduating from rural high schools will be able to benefit from a special place dedicated to them only if they pass the entrance exam related to the study program they have enrolled in. 

If there are more candidates graduating from rural high schools in seats designated for them than the number of such seats available at the UVT level, the selection of these candidates will be made, first of all, after the grade obtained at the baccalaureate exam, and then, in case of equal grades, according to the marks obtained at the tests from the baccalaureate exam, in order (Romanian language and literature, the obligatory profile test, the choice test of the profile and specialization).

Candidates graduating from high schools in rural areas can enroll in the admission process at the West University of Timisoara in places specially designed for them until July 10. If after this date not all the places dedicated to this category of candidates will be filled, the registrations will be extended until their occupation, but not later than the date of July 21 2023 (for the first admission session). If vacancies remain after this date, they will be offered in the admission session of the month September 2023.

The list of high schools in rural areas can be read HERE.

For more information about this facility and the registration procedure, interested candidates can send an e-mail to


The list of high school graduates from rural areas admitted to places specially allocated to them, in the July 2023 session, can be accessed HERE.