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Facilities for students with outstanding results

West University of Timișoara (UVT) appreciates the students who have achieved outstanding results in various national and international competitions and Olympics during high school and has prepared special admission conditions and benefit packages for those who choose to pursue university studies at UVT, as follows:

  • students who obtained distinctions during their high school studies (prizes I, II, III) the international school olympiads recognized by the Ministry of Education and/or first prize at national olympiads, financed by the Ministry of Education - they benefit from the right to enroll in the university degree programs of UVT without supporting the admission competition, on places financed from the state budget;
  • students who obtained distinctions during high school school Olympics and / or other national or international competitions - they are free to enroll in the admission process and will be admitted based on the special conditions regarding admission established by the regulations of each faculty;
  • students who have the status of heads of promotion from the partner high schools UVT or who have obtained average 10 at the baccalaureate exam (based on the invitation letter signed by the rector of the university, a letter that must accompany the candidate's file) - they benefit from free enrollment in the admission process and can benefit from the right to register, without the admission competition, to the state budget, to bachelor's degree programs from any UVT faculty, if it falls within the provisions of the previous sub-point.

Starting in May, the rector of UVT sends a letter of invitation to the Western University of Timișoara to those students with outstanding academic results during their high school studies, based on which they can access the benefits below. If you fall into this category, wish to become a student of UVT and have not yet received this letter, please send us an e-mail at, in which you tell us about your successes so far.

We look forward to seeing you at UVT! ☺


West University of Timișoara offer


  • ·       Access, under the specific admission conditions for each UVT faculty, to free of charge seats;
  • ·       Exemption from payment all fees related to the UVT admission process (registration fee, confirmation fee);
  • ·       UVT Start Scholarship, worth 600 lei/month, granted from UVT funds, which can be combined with the Performance Scholarship, worth 1200 lei/month and the Social Scholarship, worth 1000 lei/month, in the conditions for fulfilling the conditions for granting them, according to UVT regulations;
  • ·       Free accommodation in UVT dormitories in the first year of studies; 
  • ·       Permitted free of charge for the entire period of undergraduate studies at the “Eugen Todoran” Central University Library in Timișoara;  
  • ·       Ensuring the costs of transport and accommodation for participation with papers in national / international conferences, throughout the period of university undergraduate studies; 
  • ·       Integration in the activities carried out in the projects / research centers of UVT;
  • ·       Flexibility in choosing the educational path during undergraduate university studies (the possibility to choose subjects and other didactic and research activities from other faculties);
  • ·       Possibility to access international learning and training experiences for hundreds of institutional partners abroad and within the university alliance European UNITA;
  • ·       Special and personal meetings, with scientific, cultural and sports personalities, of national and international rank, participating in the events organized by UVT; 
  • ·       Free public transport in the city of Timișoara;
  • ·       Free stays at the UVT chalet in Poiana Mărului;
  • ·       Free access to university sports facilities and basin of swimming in Timișoara;
  • ·       Free access to the matches of the Ripensia UVT Timișoara football team and the SCM basketball team mozzarella Bet Timisoara;
  • ·       Free participation in the 2024 edition of the UVT Liberty Marathon;
  • ·       Free access to performances organized by the National Theater in Timișoara, the Romanian National Opera in Timișoara and the Banatul Timișoara Philharmonic during the first year of studies;
  • ·       Subscription to CODRU Festival 2024 and/or Flight Festival 2025.