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Scholarships awarded by UVT to students

West University of Timișoara (UVT) grants various types of scholarships to its students enrolled in bachelor's and master's degree programs, both to reward outstanding academic performance and as a form of social support.

Types of scholarships awarded by UVT are the following:

a) scholarships to stimulate academic performance:

- academic worth scholarships (800 lei / month),

- performance scholarships (900 lei / month);

b) UVT Scholarships of Excellence; 

- "Sever Bocu" Scholarship (1.300 lei / month);

- "Ioan Curea" Scholarship (1.200 lei / month);

- “Eugen Todoran” Scholarship (1.100 lei / month);

- Scholarship of excellence of the faculty (1.000 lei / month);

c) social scholarships (700 lei / month);

d) occasional social scholarships (700 lei);

e) special scholarships (800 lei / month);

f) Start UVT scholarships (600 lei / month);

g) scholarships for university and postgraduate internships in the country / abroad (700 lei / month);

h) UVT scholarships;

i) other scholarships and forms of material support.


General criteria for awarding scholarships

Academic worth scholarship is given to students during a semester, based on their academic performance, in descending order of grades (exams, checks, projects - according to the curriculum).

For the first semester, the average taken into account when awarding academic worth scholarships is the one obtained after all exam sessions in the previous academic year. In the case of first year students, the admission grade is taken into account.

For the second semester, the grade taken into account when awarding merit scholarships is the one obtained after all the exam sessions in the first semester.

To obtain an academic worth scholarship, the above average must be at least:

a) 8,00 to the cycle of undergraduate studies in the fields: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Environmental Science;
b) 8,50 for the master's degree cycle in the fields: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Environmental Science;
c) 8,50 for the bachelor's degree course in the other fields;

d) 9,00 for the master's degree course in the other fields.

Performance scholarship is awarded to students during one academic year to reward the academic activity and exceptional scientific, artistic or sporting results of the students.

Students who fall into at least two of the following cases can benefit from a performance scholarship:

a) have obtained excellent results in learning, respectively have the highest averages in the same year of study of a study program;

b) obtained scientific / artistic / sports performances, innovation and patents;

c) they obtained an average of at least 9,50 in the cycles of university studies in the fields: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Environmental Science, respectively 9,80 in the cycles of university studies in the other fields.

Students enrolled in the first year of the bachelor's degree cycle are not able to get a performance scholarship.

Annually, UVT grants 14 scholarships of excellence, by competition, as follows:

a) "Sever Bocu" scholarship of excellence for the entire activity;

b) "Ioan Curea" Excellence Scholarship for research and professional activity;

c) "Eugen Todoran" Excellence Scholarship for social, cultural and organizational activities;

d) 11 scholarships of excellence, one for each faculty within UVT.

The beneficiary of a scholarship of excellence must be integralist, with the general average of the minimum years of study 9,00.

Students who have received one type of scholarship of excellence cannot benefit from another type of scholarship, except for the social scholarship and the internship scholarship.

Social scholarship is granted throughout the academic year.

The following are eligible to obtain a social scholarship:

a) Students orphaned by one or both parents, respectively for whom the placement was ordered as a protection measure, and who do not earn income over the ceiling for the granting of the social scholarship;

b) students with TB, who are on medical records, those suffering from diabetes, malignancies, severe malabsorption syndromes, chronic renal failure, asthma, epilepsy, congenital heart disease, chronic hepatitis, glaucoma, severe myopia, immune diseases, rare diseases, autism spectrum disorders, haematological diseases (hemophilia, thalassemia, etc.), deafness, cystic fibrosis, those infected with HIV or AIDS, those with locomotor disabilities, ankylosing spondylitis or rheumatoid arthritis;

c) students whose family did not achieve in the 3 months before the beginning of the semester / academic year an average net monthly income per family member higher than the minimum net basic salary in the economy.

The age limit to benefit from the social scholarship is 35 years.

For awarding the social scholarships, the only academic criteria taken into account consists of graduate.

Beneficiaries of social scholarships are established by applying, in order, the mentioned eligibility criteria.

Students may occasionally benefit, upon request, on the basis of supporting documents, from the following types of social scholarships, regardless of whether the student benefits from another category of scholarship:

    • occasional social assistance scholarship for clothing and footwear;
    • occasional social assistance scholarship of maternity;
    • occasional social assistance scholarship in case of death.

Special scholarships are awarded throughout the academic year and can be of the following types:

a) Special scholarships for Olympians is awarded to first-year students who, as students during their high school years, were ranked in one of the top three places at the National Olympics and those who participated in the International School Olympics, regardless of the educational discipline in which those Olympics were organized;

b) Special scholarships for scientific / cultural-artistic / sports / extracurricular-volunteer activity UVT it is awarded on the basis of performance criteria set out in the scholarship methodology by the Central Scholarship Commission.

At the beginning of each academic year, Start UVT scholarship is granted from own extra-budgetary revenues first year students who received a letter of acceptance from the university for admission and were declared heads of promotion at the end of high school or obtained an average of 10 at the baccalaureate exam.

Students who have obtained the Start UVT scholarship can also benefit from any other type of scholarship.

Scholarships for university and postgraduate internships is granted in order to support the temporary mobility of students carried out in universities and institutions in the country and abroad with which UVT has concluded bilateral agreements in this regard and for which funding from other sources is not provided.

In order to support access to education, it is granted UVT scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students, enrolled in fee regime, which meet the eligibility criteria set out in social scholarship.

The amount UVT scholarship can be:

  1. Integral, equal in value to the tuition fee for a university year;
  2. Partial, equal in value to 50% from the tuition fee for a university year.

UVT Scholarship it is granted only once in an academic year and is compensated on the date of granting, in full or in part, as the case may be, with the tuition fee due by the beneficiary of the scholarship.

Within the limits of available funds, UVT provides financial support to students with outstanding results for participation in scientific events, student olympiads and national and / or international competitions in the form of an occasional scholarship.

The amount of this occasional scholarship is established at the level of each faculty through its own methodology for awarding scholarships, but it cannot exceed the level of the social scholarship.

The Central Scholarship Commission may decide to award other scholarships, within the budget approved by the Board of Directors, for various activities for the benefit of the university community, for outstanding performance, likely to increase the visibility and prestige of the university and in other situations timely this.

General dispositions

Scholarships, regardless of category, are awarded throughout the academic year (12 months). A student cannot receive two types of scholarships simultaneously from the same category, but has the right to opt for the one with a higher value or which is granted for a longer period of time. By way of exception, students who benefit from a social grant can also receive any other type of grant.