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Student`s facilities

West University of Timișoara (UVT) offers a wide range of facilities and opportunities to support the educational process, for social support, for counseling or for personal development.

Here we present you the main facilities that UVT students are able to enjoy:

      • the right to apply for a accommodation in a student dormitory - more details can be read HERE;
      • the right to benefit from various types of scholarships, both for rewarding academic results and social support - more details, HERE;
      • rail transport with 90% discount, on the basis of the student ID, for all students enrolled in university study programs in the form of frequent education, regardless of age, on any domestic route, regardless of the destination or the distance of the journey, for all types of trains, on class seats 2nd, throughout the calendar year, regardless of the railway operator;
      • local public transport with 90% discount in the municipality of Timișoara, on all lines, based on STPT subscriptions;
      • 75% discount for access to museums, concerts, theater performances, opera, film, other cultural and sporting events organized by public institutions, according to art. 128 para. (6) from the Higher Education Law no. 199/2023, with subsequent amendments and additions;
      • free medical assistance at the Student Polyclinic located in the Student Complex;
      • free access to the Central University Library "Eugen Todoran" in Timisoara - a modern library, offering access to both physical and electronic databases, as well as reading rooms and study spaces - more details, HERE;
      • access to the UVT sports base (gyms & sports fields);
      • the right to apply for places in student camps organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports;
      • the opportunity to go through at least three complementary disciplines from another field of study than that of the program in which the student is enrolled, during the undergraduate studies, in order to develop transversal skills;
      • the right to benefit free of charge career counseling and psychological counseling activities given by Career Counseling and Guidance Center (CCOC) at UVT;
      • entrepreneurial development opportunities through the Student Entrepreneurial Society (SAS);
      • the right to study and do internships for certain periods of time in other countries, benefiting from scholarships under international mobility programs and based on the more than 500 partnerships concluded by UVT with universities around the world - more details can be read HERE;
      • UVT is a member of European University Alliance UNITA (supported by the European Commission through the program for the creation of consortia of European universities), together with 11 universities from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ukraine and Romania. Membership of UNITA represents a context in which UVT students will have access to unique professional and personal development opportunities at the national and European level (virtual international mobilities, international practice programs in rural areas, training courses, projects and competitions for students in the fields current affairs: Cultural heritage, Renewable energies, Circular economy, Intercomprehension as a form of communication, European citizenship);
      • the opportunity to take part of volunteering activities within student organizations which activates in UVT;
      • the right to benefit in each semester also from two transferable study credits for the voluntary activities carried out, in addition to the compulsory credits, regardless of the study program they follow. Thus, the volunteer activity becomes officially recognized by the university and will be enrolled in the Diploma Supplement upon graduation. More details about this right of yours can be found in Regulation on granting credits for volunteer activity, approved by the UVT Senate;
      • the opportunity to constantly participate in conferences organized by the West University of Timișoara with invited personalities from the national and international academic and scientific world;
      • UVT Media Hub - its own television studio that provides information to the community about events taking place in the university and beyond and that offers students the opportunity to practice in the field of journalism;
      • Student guide with all the information necessary to complete university studies;
      • the right to represent and be representatives in the governing structures of the university;
      • during university studies, each UVT student will plant at least one tree, to contribute to a healthy environment;
      • bases of practice at Poiana Mărului (Caraș Severin County) and Gurahonț (Arad County);
      • Initiation week at UVT for "freshmen", students enrolled in year 1 of the undergraduate cycle, where they will participate in introductory and accommodation events, information sessions, counseling and guidance sessions in the university environment, tours of Timisoara and visits to institutions cultural events in the city, teambuilding activities, cultural events, conferences, debates, exhibitions, theater performances, film screenings, concerts, etc .;
      • Peer to Peer Tutoring (P2PT), through which it aims to provide first-year undergraduate students with educational assistance and career development services, with a focus on their integration into the university environment, with the support of colleagues from older years;
      • Graduation ceremony unique, which will make this event an unforgettable one, through which the whole city of Timișoara will vibrate;
      • Annual UVT Awards Gala where each year the prize is awarded on a competitive basis Student of the year;
      • the opportunity to participate in various scientific research projects, together with teachers;
      • innovative educational vision, focused on the needs of students - Teaching & Learning Brand UVT - which is the basis of the educational process in the university.

UVT students benefit from the following IT & C facilities:

      • institutional e-mail address @ (account developed on the GMail platform), through which the entire communication between the student and the university representatives during the studies will take place;
      • the entire list of GMail functionalities through G Suite E-mail, based on the institutional e-mail address @;
      • unlimited storage in Google Drive, based on the institutional e-mail address @;
      • access to the G Suite for Education application package, based on the institutional e-mail address @ (Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Google Classroom, Google Sites, etc.);
      • access to G Suites Marketplace platform, based on the institutional e-mail address @;
      • access to global wireless network EduRoam (Educational Roaming), based on the institutional e-mail address @, in all educational and accommodation spaces of the university;
      • free access to tools, such as Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching;
      • free access to programs in the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, One Note, Outlook, Publisher, One Drive, Skype, Sway, Forms, based on the institutional e-mail address @;
      • online access to the school situation (grades, credits obtained) and financial, through the portal StudentWeb - an extended online version of the student card.

Electronic learning resources

To access the scientific literature, the West University of Timișoara (UVT) provides students and teachers with free access to electronic resources available on the AnelisPlus platform. More information regarding the access of this resources can be found here: or

E-learning platform

Aware of the challenges of contemporary society, of the evolution of technologies that require training and continuous personal development, UVT has integrated new educational technologies in teaching-learning-assessment activities. Moodle e-learning platform, made available to students from all cycles and forms of education in the university is an example of technology that facilitates training and forms online training skills.

The Moodle Learning Management System, through the resources and activities offered by teachers on the platform, capitalizes on research results from various disciplines (communication, education, psychology, sociology and computer science) in new methods of teaching and active learning.

The platform offers the possibility to use various digital educational resources (mainly multimedia) in the teaching process, but also self-assessment and assessment activities for students and is one of the most important communication tools student - teacher and between students, on topics addressed in educational disciplines.

The e-learning platform is also used in the development of the site Discover @ UVT.