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Students' organizations active in the West University of Timisoara

In West University of Timișoara (UVT) several student organizations operate, each with different purposes.

Students' Organization from the West University of Timișoara (OSUT) is the one that represents the rights and interests of the students at the level of the entire university, being recognized by the UVT Charter as a representative association of the university students.

Other organizations aim to carry out activities for the personal development of students in various fields of study, such as ELSA (law), ASPST (psychology and sociology) or Geotim (geography).

Some students' organizations represent specific categories of students, such as ESN - students who benefit from study or Erasmus + or OSB internship mobility - who represent Bessarabian students from Timisoara.

The experience of volunteering in a student organization completes the student life and helps you to develop, to form various transversal skills, complementary to the scientific ones developed by the study program you follow, but also to meet new people, to make friends and to make unforgettable memories, so we encourage you to participate in as many volunteer activities as possible during your university studies, in student organizations and beyond.

The students of the West University of Timișoara can benefit every semester from two transferable study credits for the volunteer activities carried out, regardless of the study program it follows. Thus, the volunteer activity becomes officially recognized by the university and will be enrolled at Diploma supplement issued upon graduation. More details about this right are available in Regulation on granting credits for volunteer activity, approved by the UVT Senate.