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"Welcome to UVT" accommodation week

At the West University of Timișoara (UVT), for "freshmen" the academic year begins with the Initiation Week "Welcome to UVT", in the last week of September, 7 days before the start of teaching activities.

In the week September 23 – September 29, 2024, students enrolled in year 1 of undergraduate degree programs are expected at UVT to discover what it means to be a student, how the university environment works and what opportunities they have from this position.

The program of the Initiation Week at UVT will include introductory and accommodation events, information sessions, counseling and orientation sessions in the academic environment, tours of Timisoara and visits to cultural institutions in the city, teambuilding activities, cultural events, conferences, debates, exhibitions, theater performances, film screenings, concerts, etc.

In the activities specially prepared for "freshmen", they will learn more about university and how it works, about their curriculum, about rights and opportunities which they have as UVT students, about teachers with whom they will interact, about the schedule and many other information needed to have a story student. They will also have the opportunity to discover Timisoara and its cultural institutions and participate in a whole series of cultural-artistic events.

Initiation week at UVT aims to facilitate the transition from scholar to academic environment for students enrolled in year 1 of the undergraduate studies at the West University of Timisoara (UVT), by organizing events of counseling, guidance, initiation, presentation, accommodation, integration and their support during the week before the beginning of the academic year.

This week, all students enrolled in year 1 of the undergraduate studies at the West University of Timisoara will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as:

      • workshops / workshops of presentation of UVT faculties / departments or various institutions of interest for them from Timișoara;
      • training sessions for development of transversal skills necessary for the university education system;
      • presentations of various institutions or facilities which can be enjoyed in UVT or in the city of Timisoara;
      • conference with various personalities from around the world scientific, cultural or sports;
      • visits to various cultural objectives from town;
      • guided tour of the municipality of Timișoara;
      • participate in cultural / educational events in partnership with cultural institutions of the city;
      • activities of teambuilding.

The week of initiation at UVT ends on the day when the official opening ceremony of the academic year takes place with a unique event in Romania - Univibes, which turns the entire university into a great location for concerts, art exhibitions & parties. Well-known international and local artists will transform the UVT headquarters for a day into a dancefloor, to celebrate together the beginning of a new academic year.