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Language and reasoning skills assessment test

Within the UVT, admission to undergraduate university studies, regardless of the form of education in which they are organized, is done through competition, based on admission tests established by each faculty separately, according to its own regulations regarding the organization and development of the admission process, in order to test the knowledge and cognitive, artistic or sports abilities of the candidates.

In the case of undergraduate degree programs at UVT, no compulsory written test for admission is required for testing. knowledge related to the field of study for which candidates also apply cognitive abilities, other than interview or motivational essay / letter of motivation / intention, and which do not belong vocational fields (arts, music, performing arts, physical and sports education, pedagogy of primary and pre-school education), for which it takes place tests to test artistic or sports skills, an admission test of type one is organized test of assessment of language skills and reasoning.

UVT test to assess language skills and reasoning it will contain 80 items, each worth 0,1 points, awarding 2 points ex officio. The working time for solving the UVT test for assessing language skills and reasoning will be 70 minutes. The minimum pass mark for the UVT test for assessing language skills and reasoning will be 5,00.

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